A community organization in rehabilitation and social integration for individuals dealing with mental health issues

Since 1990, l’Autre Versant, a community organization, offers support to help people experiencing mental health problems to attain well-being and a better quality of life.

The service is offered on the CSSS Haute-Yamaska territory, to people aged between 18 and 65. To access the service, people can be referred by clinicians, counsellor, a general practitioner or by themselves.

  • Information
  • Evaluation
  • Individual psychosocial support
  • Support for social reintegration

Community support service

The service offers middle and long-term individual support for people experiencing mental health problems who live in autonomous housing. The objective is to help people develop their learning capacity and their autonomy.

Many models of practice are integrated in our model of intervention and support. We prioritize a strength-based case management and a narrative practice to facilitate the process of recovery. This allows the individual to realize that he or she can have power over his/her own life: this is empowerment.

The six principles of our strength-based recovery model are:

Focus is on the person’s strengths, not pathology, symptoms, weaknesses, problems or deficits.
Social interactions within the community are viewed as a source of support, not as an obstacle to working with clients.
Interventions are based on the principle of clients’ self-determination.
The case manager/client relationship is primary and essential.
Assertive outreach is the preferred mode of intervention.
People with serious mental illness continue to grow, to learn and to change.

The service offers :

Support in preparing for integration in the community;
Help in developing skills essential for autonomous living;
Support in developing social relation;
Follow-up to maintain what has been acquired;
Occasional support for specific activities or situations to help the learning of particular skills;
Psychosocial support.

Alternative in mental health

L’Autre Versant offers a complete and confidential support, at the time and place that is convenient for both you and a case-worker.

Other services offered at l’Autre Versant:

  • Drop-in;
  • Individual support;
  • Group support;
  • Activities (sport, art, music, photo, collective cooking,etc);
  • Social reintegration via programs such as group activities and work projects.


Monday to Friday
8 h 30 to 12 h and 13 h to 16 h 30

For services in English call 450-777-7611 ext: 21 or 33

All services at l’Autre Versant are free